I'm Back... sorta... maybe... well.... we'll see....

It's obviously be ages upon ages since I fired up the old keyboard to pound on the Qwerty's to make some sense of the madness inside my head.

I'm currently hiding from my family in the home office, soaking my feet in scalding hot water and peroxide in an attempt to get rid of the winter heels I'd developed.

Since I last logged on, my family grew. We added one, who just turned 1 a few weekends ago. He's a great little guy. He keeps us entertained, on our toes and my hair is mysteriously turning ever more gray.

The girl, she's 4 now. And knows everything. She's quite the personality. Everyone adores her, me included.

Surreal, still.

Me, a mother.

There are many moments I don't feel much like a mom. A maid, a nurse, a magician, cook, dictionary, memory card.... well you get the idea.

But I do love my sweet babes. They complete me in a way I didn't know I needed completing.

The hubster still slaves his days away to provide for us. We miss him like crazy sometimes. Lately, we miss him a lot more than usual.  Especially since he's working upwards of 70 hours a week. But our time together is quality, even if not quantity right now.

I've been keeping the kiddos distracted with a 3 day a week program at a local private school. She loves learning and he loves playing with someone else's toys and I enjoy a bit of me time. I was spending that time at the gym, but after a run in with severe carpal tunnel and a subsequent surgery, I have slacked off of the exercise (and I can really tell it too). I fully intended to go back to restart my cardio habit today...

But I needed a bit of self care and decided to stay home watching Broadchurch on Netflix.

So now that the husband is home and the kids are winding down for bedtime I decided to take a me break and soak these atrocious feet of mine. Troll feet... *shiver*  And since the only comfortable chair on the second floor of the house is the computer chair... well, hello old friends.


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