Thursday, May 14, 2015

Going Basic

To free up my domain name for other uses, I'm going back to the basic blogger address of
So feel free to update your bookmarks, although I doubt you'll get many new updates.  

Friday, March 13, 2015

Seven Months Later...

We are still alive and kicking. I had forgotten all about blogging, what with chasing around a rambunctious toddler around and all.

She turns two next week.


Monday, August 04, 2014

Quick Update

Things have been going fairly well in the Roxx house.  Leelu has two molars and a third on the way.  She's been really fun and playful and straight up goofy lately.  She's really developing quite the personality.  We have cuddly days and days when she just wants to play alone.  She's become OBSESSED with Frozen and Despicable Me 2. 

She asks for things that she wants now and her vocabulary grows every day.

It's amazing how quickly she's growing and learning.

Now if we can just teach her a good safe way of getting DOWN stairs.  She's an expert at going up them, but going down... not so much.

We've officially moved into our new kitchen, by the way.  Amazing!

And we've started work on the first floor to get the living room and dining room in order.  I hope we can move into those rooms by Thanksgiving. 

In the meantime, we are just plucking along.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Rough Stuff

The past couple of weeks have been rough on us here in the Roxx home.  Leelu is cutting molars which is making her a whiny, slobbery, often intolerable, mess. 

Then there was last Tuesday.

One of the local cinemas has a free movie every Tuesday and Wednesday throughout the summer that starts at 9:30 AM.

We decided to skip the usual Tuesday library story time and check out the movie. Plus, I figured it would be a cheap (free) way of finding out how she would do in the theater. 

She did better than I expected, honestly.  She sat on my lap picking at the popcorn and laughing at the appropriate moments.  We saw Despicable Me 2, which we had watched twice before at home without paying that much attention to it really.  But she seemed to thoroughly enjoy it on the big screen.

We managed about 3/4 of the movie before she started getting too antsy to get on her feet and move about.  So we left early.

When we got home things took a turn for the worst.  We hadn't been home 30 minutes when I left her in her room playing so I could use the restroom. 

Usually, this goes splendidly. 

This time, not so much.

I am mid-business when I hear a crash and then the wailing that follows such crashes.  I'm not sure what she was doing, but she hit either the table beside her bed or the rail on the bed itself with her right eye.

She was bleeding, it was swelling shut instantly and I did my best to swallow my panic as I tried to settle her down and clean her face up.  She wouldn't let me touch her.  She would swat my hand away and scream in pain. 

I immediately called her pediatrician and asked for advice.  It didn't look like her eyeball was damaged but she was bleeding and I couldn't tell how bad it was cut.  They advised me to take her to the ER just to be on the safe side.

So we hauled it over to the ER ASAP. 

We were in and out of there in under an hour, but not without drama. 

The doctor came back with a nurse and they proceeded to hold her down while they cleaned her eye up to check it and determine that stitches weren't necessary (thank goodness) but that they needed to apply DermaBond to keep it from getting nastier. 

You'd have thought they were ripping her limbs off one by one the way she carried on during this whole ordeal.  I cried, she cried, and they assured me she was just mad and that they weren't hurting her.  I was still heart broken at the sounds of her cries. 

But after they were done we cuddled and she calmed down and we went home.


Two days later we had our regularly scheduled well-baby visit with her pediatrician.  I guess the trauma of the ER visit was still fresh with poor Leelu because from the moment we arrived until the moment we left she wailed like she was being tortured all over again. 

Thankfully since then, she's been doing much better.  She ended up with quite the shiner but it's already fading and looking much better.  The last of the DermaBond wore off in the bath last night and I think there will be no scarring from the cut she sustained in her fall.

But, we've a rotten mess in the last 24 hours.  These molars are giving her quite the fit.  She ended up having a fever last night and has been just pitiful today.  She never snuggles, like NEVER... and she spent all morning on my lap watching her movie, Frozen.  She'd whimper and whine and drool... I finally decided to give her some medicine to  help with the pain and she promptly asked for a nap. 

She's been out for an hour now and I suspect she'll sleep until one-ish.

Poor thing.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Are you my Pawpaw?!

It cracks me up (and can be kind of embarrassing) when Leelu calls pretty much any old(er) man she sees "pawpaw".  I guess it's good that she makes the connection that her multitude of grandfathers are older, have grey or thinning hair and are called pawpaw. But when she points at complete strangers in public and exclaims "PAWPAW!" its a little awkward.

Of course I usually just tell her something along the lines of "yes honey, he might be someone else's pawpaw" and then I try to redirect her attention.

She's a hoot.

We've spent a fair amount of time with my sister and nephew this week.  Leelu and I went to their house and went for a swim in their pool earlier in the week and then yesterday we met out and about for a day of just loafing at the mall. 

When it was time to part ways, poor Leelu didn't want it to happen.  After dropping my sister and nephew off at their car she cried and cried on the way home, alternating whines and sobs with "dessie" and "a day" (which are her versions of her auntie and cousins names).